Realize an individual and unique look for a wheelchair

We supply build high-quality spokes protection for your wheelchair to which you have long joy are.
Also spoke protectors for auxiliary drives
Twion, e-fix and e-motion we can manufacture for you.

Advantages of Spoke protector at a glance:


Digital printing process from behind:

Your chosen motif is printed on the spoke protector from directly behind the digital print method.
This ensures a very high quality and are maximum protection against damage from the front.
! We do not print the screen printing process and not on a film that is glued from behind!

Polycarbonate: (Product Liability / security)

The use of polycarbonate with respect to e.g. PETG, we achieve a higher impact strength and higher temperature resistance.
Especially in summer, this is important at very high and in winter with very low temperatures.


Fixing with clips and universal 4- / 6-fold milling outside, a very light and good-looking self-assembly is guaranteed.
But cable tie mounting can be realized.

Standard / request Design:

There are several hundred standard designs for children and adults to choose from. Choose your subject under the respective categories.


Since all steps are under our direct control, we can ensure the highest quality for your spoke protector.

Delivery times:

Delivery is usually within 3 - 5 working days after clarification of all technical details.

European chemicals regulation REACH Regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006

By complying with this European regulation in the production processes and the materials used, we comply with current environmental criteria.



Among the respective headings you have a plurality of spokes protection motives.

Spoke protectors request

Spoke protectors request

Your personal motif (Item no. 1100)

Your personal motif with marking (Item Nr.1200)

Send us your photo, own design, own lettering, own logos and we print it, or make you a design proposal.

spoke guard transparent

Under the product "spoke protection transparent 1300-001 you can assemble your transparent spoke protection according to your necessary measurements.



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About us

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